And he said: Let there be site!

One of my personal projects over the holiday period was to finally build myself a website. I felt like I’ve needed an online space to collect all my things together for aaaaages. So this is it. Welcome.

It was a lot of fun to make actually, learning new skills and toolsets is always really engaging to me. In particular I learned a hang of a lot about WordPress. With custom post types and a few choice plugins, it can become a really powerful platform. Perfectly suited for my needs too. I also learned a fair amount more PHP and CSS too. I would say that I’m a CSS wizard, but that would be a blatant fib because CSS wizards are about as real as unicorns. In fact I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single human on the planet who can reliably align a div with CSS.

Anyway, the site was actually done at the beginning of January, but it’s taken me an entire month to gather all my stupid games, make builds, take screenshots, write descriptions and upload them here. I’m still hoping to gather some scattered writings from elsewhere on the internet and post them here. But the bulk of the work is done so I’m declaring this website officially open!


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