I miss my job

Well, not necessarily my job. But definitely my work.

I miss my work.

A weird thing for someone to say whilst on an amazing trip overseas. Sure, I went inside the Colleseum today; which was great. But I didn’t have any time to make video games. And while I was inside the Colleseum, all could think of, all I wanted to think of, was making video games.

Between Berlin mini-jam in April and Isolation Jam in June, I didn’t work on any video games. That makes it the longest period of not making something since I went camping for 7 weeks in 2012. This fact remains true even if you don’t include all the games I’ve worked on as part of my day job.

And I can feeeeeel it. I started looking forward Isolation Jam like it was some kind of reward. Like the desert at the end of the vegetables. The point is; it’s a long time for an artist to go without his art. Making games has been such a constant rhythm in my life that’s become part of how I function. It’s how I express myself, how best I can be creative, and it’s become where I go to be good at things, to hide away from the world and solve problems.

Making games gets me excited and I miss it a lot when I’m not doing it.

Whilst extended breaks like this are great for building motivation and gaining some perspective, I’m definitely frustrated about how little time I’m able to spend working whilst on the road. Obviously this is by choice, and I have no regrets about deciding to focus on my travels. But If I make any more long term travelling plans (and I certainly would like to), then I think I’ll try and accommodate more time to work on games.

Now I’ve always been willing to philosophize and wax lyrical about doing what you love and not stagnating at a job that doesn’t stimulate you. But this is exactly why. What I have here, is the ultimate example of a first world problem.

It’s also worth mentioning that my mind is continually blown by all the things that video games have given me. All the amazing moments, all the biggest opportunities and all the good things that keep happening to me are a direct result of video games and the amazing people who make them. Thanks everyone keep making games!

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