Dandelion and Murdoch

A narrative game with a rad gimmick! We built five versions of this at QCF; all centred around the film noire buddy-cop duo of Murdoch (a grizzled, cynical detective) and Dandelion (her chirpy, cheerful elf partner). I love these characters. We came up with a LOT of jokes about the two. They need to star in a cartoon or something. Anyway, the game is a local multiplayer dialogue tree game where both players experience the same events, but each through the eyes of two completely different characters. The nifty gimmick is that both sets of text are rendered on the screen at once, and you’ve got to wear blue or red cellophane glasses to play! I really want to re-use this idea in a party or social game, where the players have incomplete information, but the audience can see both sides at once!