Hyper Dodge

Hyper Dodge was made for the Ludum Dare 31 jam. My intention for this jam was to practice my polishing skills and make something that felt slick, coherent and had no rough edges. I just got lucky and ended up with a game that’s pretty fun too! It’s a single screen arcade game where the goal is simply to avoid crashing into the other objects for as long as possible. The thing that really made this game work is that when you graze (aka get really close to) ¬†an enemy time dilates and the game slows down allowing you pull off more impressive dodges whilst also increasing your score multiplier. This can leading to some high level play such as “orbiting the bull” which involves circling around the red enemy (which follows the player) and popping in and out of slow-mo range to increase the multiplier. I was super happy when I saw people figuring this stuff out and competing for high scores. Just marvellous! Shout-outs to Dorianne Dutrieux and Peter Cardwell-Gardner for the art and music respectively.