A rather clever re-imagining of the classic guessing game Mastermind. But than guessing a sequence of coloured pegs, players must guess the terms of a mathematical equation. In addition to positional hints as in Mastermind, players use their mathematical understanding of the equation to deduce which numbers and symbols must go where. I’ve played through Mathstermind several times and I still think it is one of the most engaging educational games I’ve played. Mathstermind also has a bit of an interesting back-story. The game orginally stemmed from a prototype I made which won a prize in one of the old Game.Dev competitions. The crude prototype caught the eye of Mindset Learn, who then contracted Danny Day and myself to make a complete maths game for a research project. Interestingly, in order to pay me for work on Mathstermind, Danny founded QCF Design – a studio I would re-join years later to work on Desktop Dungeons. The research project by the way, was a great success, Mathstermind was shown to make a noticeable difference in the maths literacy of school students.