WW2 Shooter

The beginning of a barrage of top-down shooters that I seem to always make. The idea behind this wasn’t bad, a squad based tactical shooter inspired by Brothers in Arms featuring a cover system and command issuing. Each person in the squad was supposed to have unique abilities and roles too. Unfortunately my AI skills were not up to scratch at the time and I found myself unable to implement the gameplay I had in my head. What remains is a prototype where you can shoot at things. Sometimes walls will protect from bullets, sometimes they won’t!


Siege is a game about defending your castle. Buy upgrades and shoot arrows at the legions of little red guys who are slowly walking towards you! They must be stopped! The best thing about this game is the day-night cycle (I think it’s cool). The worst thing about it is definitely the UI. I mean, just look at it. Bleeargh.


The first game I made in Game Maker was an awful dodge-ball knock-off. This game was the second, and it’s a pretty neat platformer about shooting terrorists, lobbing grenades and making barrels explode. The art looks suspiciously like it’s lifted from Counter Strike; which is weird because I never even liked Counter Strike very much. I’m quite proud of how this turned out actually. After making this, Game Maker became my tool of choice for many years.

OHR Games

I started making games when I discovered OHRRPGCE (Official Hamster Republic Role Playing Game Construction Engine) – a DOS based editor for creating RPGs in the mould of early Final Fantasy titles. Being DOS based, there was no mouse support, and so everything (including drawing all the sprites) had to be done in the editor, with a keyboard. Between 2001 and 2004-ish I made loads of RPGs using OHR. I also spent a lot of time trying to coerce the tool into making other types of games (such as the pictured stealth game) using the cut-scene scripting language. Some are lost forever, but I’ve salvaged some here for posterity

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